ENEOS 0W50 Sustina is the ultimate % synthetic oil for gasoline engines. Applying the advanced oil technology developed for auto racing by the JX Nippon. ENEOS SUSTINA 0W Ultimate ‘Pro-Racing’ Performance and Most Advanced ENEOS oil for maximum designed performance, increased fuel economy and. Buy ENEOS SUSTINA 0W Motor Oil – 1 qt – AIC online from NAPA Auto Parts Stores. Motor Oil Weight Rating, 0W50 0W50; Synth Oil ml.

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The engine will get the utmost best protection up to the most severe conditions. In principle, we can always use oils with a broader viscosity index than the one specified by the OEM, which is a minimum required. If 10W40 is specified, 15W40 should not be used, but 5W40 is superior, 5W50 also and 0W50 will provide an even better engine protection.

If marginal gains in fuel economy are favored, use 0W40 instead of 10W40, 5W50 or 0W Eneos sustina 0w is produced using proprietary WBASE technology which generates a higher viscosity index synthetic base oil less viscosity change due to temperature which greatly improves fuel-efficiency under various running conditions, from short-distance commutes to high-speed cruises. It can meet the requirements of the vehicles of OEMs, the military and civil fleets under severe working conditions.

The zero weight at cold temperature will increase eeneos bearing to journal clearance, possibly allowing direct metal on metal contact.

The thicker viscosity will increase ensos pressure, increasing the oils temperature, which will break down the oil faster and begin to lose its lubrication properties and as a result, potentially allow metal on metal contact. This is particularly true in extreme environments where sub-zero temperatures frequently exist.

In really hot conditions, the 50W operating temperature will increase as it fights to get into the bearing clearance but because it is thicker, than specified by the manufacturer, has the potential to breakdown and lose all its adhesion properties.

Every part is CNC machined. They often consist of a triple or quadruple multi-alloy with micron layer coatings that specifically engineered for exacting tolerances. First of all, very few engines these days are designed for 10W, although the manuals they publish for third world countries recommend it since it is easier to find, people tend to abuse their air eenos instead of replacing them, and are less educated, and their are no long warrantees that they have to worry about.


Dropping from a 10W to a 5W or 0W will not hurt anything at all. It will bring the initial circulation faster and closer to the final circulation required, building the the lubrication pilot required sooner. Increasing the second number from what is designed is not recommended, as it will take more time for the oil to get to the valve train and to the bearings to lift them off the crankshaft. Maybe only one or two eneps, although I once tested 20W instead of 15W in a 3.

That is 4 seconds dry running on every engine start, all day.

“eneos 0w50” in Classifieds in Ontario

That brings a 50 down to what a 30 would be at Widman International SRL and generate a graph like the one below for your oils. In engines from the last century there would be little difference. The numbers indicate the oil viscosity at 0F and F. A 0W would have viscosity range of aound neeos. A lower viscosity would make an engine easier to start in extremely cold conditions, like Alaskan winters. Lubrication in bearings, when there is relative motion, keeps the parts apart, non-touching and minimizes wear.

But too low a viscosity degrades this effect and may allow touching and wear. Ask New Question Sign In. What are the consequences of using 0W oil in an eneks specified for 10W?

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What is the difference between engine oils 0w, 5w, 10w? What happens to an engine if I use 10W instead of 5W manufacturer recommended? Will using 10W an on engine that is asking for 5W negatively affect my engine? If yes, in what ways? What is the difference between 10w 40 vs 20w 40 engine oil? Quora UserAmateur Race Car driver, engine builder and mechanical repair guy. What is the best way to shop for auto insurance? We can help connect you with relevant insurance providers to make sure you’re covered at the best price.

Learn More at everquote. Stick with what your manual says. Can I use 0w for 10w?

: Eneos 0W50 Sustina Engine Oil 6qt Pack: Automotive

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What if I stop using 20W and use 10W motor oil instead? Are 15W engine oil bikes thicker than 10W? What type of engine oil is used in minus eneo degrees? Is it harmful to use 15W grade oil instead of 20W? What is the best 0W synthetic oil? What are the properties of used engine oil? Still have a question? Related Questions Can 5W oil harm the engine if the manual says use 10W?

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