Broadcom’s existing GPS solutions, the BCM and BCM, enabling rapid adoption while accelerating time- to-market. r. The processing. BCM datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format. The IQXT employs an analogue ASIC for the oscillator and a high order temperature compensation circuit in a x. mm size package.

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It is about 4. This looks much i-Blue’s and datawheet specs seem to be somewhat like what PathFinder P offers. In the software “Version 1. Geotagging is also provided, with the possibility to quickly associate names to tagged positions.

According to Nokiaon the N95 you get the best reception by sliding the keypad out, then holding the phone upsidedown, so that the numeric keypad is at the top, and has a clear view of the sky.

BCM datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

The ability to recharge via the USB cable is a very nice feature. The predecessor to the N, this device deosn’t have a GPS. Obviously you could carry a spare battery, but I bought a cheap AA datashset cage which means I can power it on external rechargable NiMH batteries if the built in one runs out. The battery is easy to replace though, is the same as gcm4750 many Nokia phones, and can be charged via USB. The GB seems to be a pretty cheap and good device.


Walking down the middle of the road is fine however! This records and displays tracks over a map background which is OSM’s Mapnik by default. It features a magnet, which is quite useful to put it outside your car, on the roof.

The software is able to store the NMEA logs parallel to normal card view, but also in navigation mode. If you are adept with a soldering iron, you could also make a portable battery-powered adapter.

It’s a cellphone with full navigation on board! The software tries to position the arrow always on the nearest street. I haven’t tried this – Bluetooth is fine for me.

It gets recognized in the other modes too, but didn’t work! Of course this voids datasyeet warranty. If a folder named “Tracks” is created, the device logs all tracks there.

FR:GPS device reviews

The same card had been working fine in a digital camera so perhaps the NaviGPS is a little fussy about the formatting of the card that’s probably because the NaviGPS expects the card to be formatted without a partition table and will not use the card if it contains one. The editor’s introduction is written from the heart and is a nice touch.


Windows Mobile 5 with freeware Odgps program has bug in elevation. Seeing as the iPhone 5 should be released on September 12th here is a quick update to bring our table up to date.

It is a sealed unit with a rechargable lithium ion battery. Once again this is an ARM powered chip. Click on the image. Navigation menu Personal tools English Create account Log in.

The phone is not delivered with any application that easily can be used for gps tracking. Its lithium battery lasts about 10 hours, and is a standard model so you can get a cheap spare datashewt eBay, etc.

NET environnement, the full-color display with touch panel and the integrated alphanumeric keyboard.

Tracks stored in an internal database, can be exported to ‘. This unit was successfully used with Bluetooth-enabled laptops and Nokia N80 with only one firmware-related problem. Colour LEDs show satellite lock, bluetooth connection and low charge. It is available at http: Wafer was diced but dies were never packaged. Broadcom continues its drive to enter the smart phone business with the BCMa 1.