Andersonville has ratings and reviews. Larry said: This is a book that I read as a young teenager. It changed my life. I was living a fairly mi. The greatest of our Civil War novels” (New York Times) reissued for a new generation As the United States prepares to commemorate the Civil. Man’s inhumanity to Man — and the redeeming flashes of mercy — this is the theme at the heart of this grim record in fictional form of one of the blots on the.

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He also saw combat during the Korean War as a correspondent.

Andersonville the prison, run by the Confederacy to hold captured Union soldiers, is the scene of human depravity both zndersonville the stockade and outside. Kantor passed his payment on to Trumbo to help him survive. Yet as I read it, I could anticipate the criticisms some would have of it: You feel their pain when they must sell some of their belongings for necessaries, before they even set foot in Andersonville.

The patience for thousand-page books written in florid language with archaic dialect had all but kahtor.

And the inhumanity wasn’t exhibited by only Confederates; fellow prisoners turned on the weak and deprived them of the few resources they possessed. This is the overwhelming fabric which is woven into this story. I give this book 4 stars. This History Channel, indeed! There is no shelter from rain, or sun. Did he want us to conclude that both sides had good? Andersonville, Initial Impressions, February, 11 29 Feb 19, We have the rare knack of enjoying and milking every last drop of excitement.


Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. As you can imagine, this was very frustrating, and combined with the Civil War-time language, there wasn’t much to find compelling. By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. The plantation owner, Ira Claffey, opens and closes the novel, but he does not control the action.

Andersonville by MacKinlay Kantor | : Books

Hard work, yes, but in the end, well worth it. Kantor’s novel was not the basis for a John Frankenheimer film Andersonville. The civilians kantpr whose doorstep this horror came into being made their feeble efforts to help- and occasionally risked being labelled as traitors to aid in minor ways. Benjamin McKinlay Kantorwas an American journalist, novelist and screenwriter.

This is a haunting andersonivlle and shows yet another side of warfare that is usually neglected by Hollywood. View all 4 comments.

Despite its ambitions and despite the plaudits, this book had neither. This is a Goodreads review not a thesis so I will just leave it at that. Obviously this is a 21st Century review of this novel Which was written in the s but regardless of if someone was a “good” or “bad” slave owner doesn’t excuse the fact that they owned people. And they need to be beaten down by good men. For me this was the most depressing part of the story, that predatory gangs known as Raiders organised themselves to steal from their already impoverished comrades, not stopping short of murder.

Spirit Lake met with mixed reviews and disappointing sales. Men raping one another, beating on each other, stealing from one another, cold-bloodedly killing each other.


I andersonvil,e state I am not a fan of linear war novels so it is good that these plotlines were kind of intermingled but much of the time I found myself zoning out. After several reports about the extraordinarily poor conditions were ignored by Richmond, one neighbor set out on a perilous journey to Richmond as the war was drawing to a conclusion and the south was in some chaos.

That would be a pretty lame plot point if it were to have evolved. In Andersonville, or Camp Sumter, to give its official name, there was no order or policing. There are the Tebbs brothers, Floral and Coral, with demons of their own. Indeed, there is not really any building at all — other than a stockade.


Several people wrote that they had read this book twenty-five or thirty years ago it was published in the syet it anderdonville stuck with them all this time.

In the spirit of poetic licence some liberties are taken with the facts. Carl Spaatz, then the U. As I was reading this I am also reading Michener’s Tales of the South Pacific which many attribute to a major shift in popular writing — essentially a collection of short stories that tell the tale as a whole.